Anxiety Planet
acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010Sonogram, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Butterflies in the Dark, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Concentric Electric,acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Selective Listening,acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Rainclouds and a burning planet,acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Cones and Rods,acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Moonlit Moths, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Pelican Eye,acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Rainbow in a Dark Planet,acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Sunspots with Animal Clouds, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.A Black Planet with the Sun, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Swallows, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Disco, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Seahorses, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2011.Oxygen Bubble, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2011.Diamond in the Sun, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2011.Many Moons, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2011.Nest, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2010.Dandelion, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2011.Bunny in a Bubble, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2011.Bird Ball, acrylic, 20"x 20", 2011.
Elaine Pawlowicz
22 paintings, 20"x 20" each, acyrlic on canvas, 2010-11.
Element, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Origins, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013King Crab, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Flower Ball, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Rainbow Ball, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Antennae, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Gumball, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Honeycomb, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Albatross,10"x10", acrylic, 2013Tornado, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Horse and Moon, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Farm, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Web, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Dead Flower, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Obras, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Life Ring, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Home, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013Stork, 10"x10", acrylic, 2013
18 paintings, acrylic on wood, 10"x10" each
Galeri Artist Cukurcuma, Istanbul June 8- July 6, 2013.
Cosmos Series
The painting, Fireflies, in the Block Party series, along with the participation in four artist residencies where the night sky was vast and powerful were catalysts for the Cosmos series. .  I am now combining my neighborhood midcentury modern homes in alternative landscapes. The Cosmos series includes over 30 paintings which are each 20”x 20” and each radial in design. Each painting utilizes graphic, sci-fi images of geology, outer space, and the ocean floor along with suburbia images to describe human vulnerability and spiritual redemption. I am interested in how the global human spirit can survive terrible natural and psychological disasters and still find the will to move forward. The dark premise for each painting is reconciled with images symbolizing hope. For example, a dark, rocky planet has an electronic rainbow inside, animal clouds try to brighten up dark spots on the sun, the black pelican pupil is still alive and recovers from the Gulf oil spill, and the planets align to counteract world anxiety. I can arrange each canvas like musical notes into a grander composition revealing many layers of meanings. I inject a humorous, subversive edge into my paintings to provide contrast, and relief from a solemn premise.