Ghost Protection Spell: A Cauldron Full of Flowers, acrylic on canvas, 48"x48", 2011.Bully Protection Spell: Get a Backbone of  Whale, acrylic on canvas, 48"x48", 2011.Pet Protection Spell: Long Life for Small Pets, acrylic on canvas, 48"x48", 2011.Youth Protection Spell: How to Prevent Hair Loss, oil on canvas, 48"x48", 2011.Home Protection Spell: Guardian Angels, acrylic on canvas, 48"x48", 2011.Child Protection Spell: The Magic Tree, acrylic on canvas, 48"x48", 2011.Health Protection Spell: Moons and Daisy, oil on canvas, 48"x48", 2011.installation shotPlein Air Paintings IcelandPlein Air Paintings Montana
WyomingPlein Air Paintings Montana
Goauche on board
Protection Spells : December 2011, 500X Gallery Dallas, Texas Dec 3- January 9 2012
This exhibition of three interconnected groups of paintings highlights work from my participation in three recent summer artist residencies in Montana( Montana Artist Refuge), Wyoming (Ucross Foundation) and Iceland (Gullkistan Residency for creative peoeple at Laugarvatn, Iceland).
Plein air (Painting directly in nature) paintings from all three locations are being shown. This process of painting feeds my imaginative, graphic paintings from imagination. My participation in remote artist residencies has allowed me to paint directly from very pure, natural worlds. I have incorporated these solitary experiences into my narrative paintings, describing their significance on home, self-awareness, and human consciousness. Iceland is a country characterized by a history of artists interested with painting the landscape, portraying the human condition, and exploring the supernatural.

The Cosmos Series is an installation of paintings inspired by viewing the open night skies. They describe miniature worlds filled with psychodramas. Over the course of the past year I have created an ongoing series of twenty-two square paintings (20”x20” each) entitled Cosmos. These paintings utilize graphic, sci-fi radial images of geology, outer space, and the ocean floor to describe human vulnerability and spiritual redemption. Global warming has increased the number of natural disasters including Hurricane Katrina, the tsunamis in Indonesia, and the more recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. I am interested in comparing how humans survive these large, natural disasters in comparison to the everyday trials the human spirit must conquer.

Finally, I am exhibiting a group of magical narrative paintings, “Protection Spells,” formed by mystical Icelandic images intermingling with those of personal keepsakes. Icelandic folk tales are charged with invisible elves, trolls, dragurs (ghosts) and Gryla, the Christmas witch who eats bad children. These benevolent spells are used to keep safe the things and people most loved.

Cosmos Paintings Here
Elaine Pawlowicz