Albatross, 3'x4', oil on canvas, 2012Epiphyte, oil on canvas, 4'x3', 2012.Rainbow Roots, oil on canvas, 4'x3', 2012.Subterranean, oil on canvas, 4'x3', 2012.Anchored, oil on canvas, 4'x3', 2012.Glow Worms, oil on canvas, 3'x4', 2012.
These oil paintings were inspired by my participation in New Pacific Studios artist residency  in Eketahuna near Mt. Bruce, New Zealand.  Each day I drew and painted small compositions responding both physically and spiritually to the spectacular island landscape around me. I reinterpreted natural images using hard edged organic lines to respond  to the phenomena of gravity, attachment, suspension, and vertigo.
I was fascinated by the counterclockwise gravitational spin as water flowed down the drain. As I drove on the left side of the road winding up and down  narrow roads at the edge of vertical cliffs, my mind and stomach swirled.  The root systems of trees anchored  themselves securely to the ground anticipating the shifting tectonic plates and harsh Antarctic winds. Millions of glow worms suspended themselves from caverns creating a part of the subterranean landscape. The albatross,  a symbol of good luck and psychological burden, lives primarily at sea except when to breed.  Their twelve foot wing spans requires the birds to build nests on vast cliffs. Therefore, fluffy chicks are speckled in between the rocks waiting for food. The epiphytes magically support themselves in the trees creating exotic silhouettes in the moonlight.

A Rock in the Sky
500 X Gallery, Dallas, Texas December 1, 2012- January 7, 2013